Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best of 2009

James and I compiled a list of the "best of" 2009. I thought it was a pretty good year, but looking down at this list that includes several ways to prepare eggs and one ubiquitous hateful board game, I somehow feel rather silly. I think I better make some plans for this year. We're four months in, and the breaks stopped working on the Taurus, I've started cutting James' hair, we've traded fantasy for the russians and picture books, and MJ is still dead.

Birthday: pickled eggs at Shooterz he said/she said Catan exravaganza
Party: Joe's Farewell Fish n Chips or ChristmasSlumberParty
Past-time: Settlers of Catan
Movie: Badlands or 3 Women -->
Album: Carter III
Song: Strange Overtones, She-Wolf (Loba), Drop the World, Ghost Riders
Book: ASOIF, Assassins, Being & Nothingness
New Friend: Alejandro, Jess, Ashley, Diana
New Item: MacBook, Loveseat
Creation: Cricket/Silver Coil, Hieroglyphs, my StregaNona puppet ----------------->
Food: poached eggs, Chipotle, olives
Car: 1994 Ford Taurus (again...?)
Events: Obama, Jackson died, back2school, Jamie's artshow
Trip: Down South New Orleans roadtrip or NorthShore
Quotes: "I'm so dedicated right now" "stack that shit till it falllls"
Existential Crisis: the night when I decided to quit school, sell my belongings, move to the Upper Peninsula... Michelle J. Fox's bad haircut that kept James from nursing school...
Being accosted by drunken evildoers (in general)